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Every year, about 1.7 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury.

Brain injuries often occur in car accidents or truck accidents when the head suffers a rapid direction change, or strikes the windshield or other part of the vehicle.

Concussions in football and other sports – even relatively minor head injuries – can lead to traumatic brain disorders. Recent research has shown that repeated blows to the head can result in long-term cognitive damage.

Traumatic brain injuries have also affected more than 155,000 military men and women in the last decade. Brain trauma can be difficult to diagnose – many serious injuries can’t be detected by CT scans or MRIs – and too often go undetected in members of the armed forces.

Falls and other trauma are also leading causes of traumatic brain injury.

One D’Amore Law Group client suffered a serious brain injury after been struck by the side of a tractor-trailer and pinned between the truck and a ticket booth. He was crushed and rolled, then his body was shot out the other side – and his head struck a concrete barrier. The team at D’Amore Law Group was able to secure a significant recovery to help provide for his long-term care.

If you or someone you love has sustained a serious head injury or brain damage, contact an experienced attorney for a free consultation. Our offices are conveniently located in Portland, Bend, Vancouver, WA and Lake Oswego.

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