What is the investigation process for a hit and run?

The hit and run process begins with meeting the client and then immediately start the investigation process: notify any possible insurance companies that are involved, find out all the minute details of what happened in the incident from the client, convey that to the investigator. Sometimes the attorney and the client will go out to… Learn More »

What is considered medical malpractice versus risk of procedure?

We often in medical malpractice cases get a lot of calls, a lot of inquiries from clients to say, “Hey, do we have a medical malpractice case here?” or “We think we have” or “We believe we have a medical malpractice case.” But there’s a big distinction between actual medical malpractice versus the risk of… Learn More »

What does a personal injury attorney do?

What does a personal injury attorney do? We represent people who have been seriously injured, have lost their jobs, can’t afford to pay their medical bills. That’s what we do, and we try and present their case in the best light to maximize the recovery for their case. You have to bring the expertise of… Learn More »