$1.5 Million dollar lawsuit filed after Garbage truck kills cyclist

In October, 2007, Brett Jarolimek was riding his bicycle in the bike lane when struck and killed by an AGG Enterprises garbage truck driver. He was killed when the driver went to turn right on North Interstate to Greeley Avenue in Portland, Oregon.

Last Wednesday, Jarolimek’s family filed a $1.5 Million dollar lawsuit against the company and driver, stating that the garbage truck was unsuitable for driving. It alleges that the right side mirror was broken and only attached to the truck by a bungee cord. The claim also alleges that AGG Enterprises should not have had the driver as an operator of the garbage truck because of previous drug convictions and driving violations.

Because of Jarolimek’s death, city officials are planning to install “bike boxes” around Portland, which are designed to avoid these types of accidents.

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