A Resource for Loved Ones of Children Who Have Been Injured

Recently we came across a website called "Aftertheinjury.org", which we have found to be an informative website geared toward helping loved ones of children who have suffered catastrophic injuries.If your child has been injured due to negligence on the part of another, they may be suffering both physically and emotionally. "After the Injury" can be a resource to help you, as the child's loved one get through the difficult times ahead. It gives parents knowledge of what to expect after their child has been injured, how to help the child recover and how to rate the child's reaction to traumatic stress, along with other important information. The site offers quick links to tip sheets, tips from other parents, pain management and information on when to get outside help in managing traumatic stress. Along with a personal injury attorney, "After the Injury" may be a helpful resource in your child's time of need after a catastrophic injury.