End Distracted Driving

The core mission of End Distracted Driving—EndDD.org—is to preserve life and promote safety on a large scale through advocacy, education, and action.

To further this goal, safety advocates volunteer their time to talk to schools and civic groups about the serious dangers of distracted driving.

These educational, informative and inspiring talks present the sobering statistics of distracted driving, share true stories of the costs, and offer simple steps to becoming better, safer drivers.

By the end of 2013, nearly 200,000 people in more than 40 states will have participated in the EndDD program. EndDD is supported by the Casey Feldman Foundation, a non-profit organization started by trial lawyers who suffered the loss of their daughter in a distracted driving crash.

How to host a presentation

Contact Tom D’Amore or Doug Oh-Keith if your school or organization is interested.

The attorneys from D’Amore Law Group have seen distracted driving cause motor vehicle accidents, and result in serious injury. To keep this from happening to others, the attorney have given the interactive presentation to students and educators across Oregon to discuss awareness and prevention of distracted driving.