National Board of Trial Advocacy

Injury attorney Tom D’Amore is certified by The National Board of Trial Advocacy as a civil trial lawyer qualified to represent private parties who typically are suing or being sued for money damages. These lawyers are qualified to try cases before juries and judges in state and federal courts. They are also competent in resolving disputes before lawsuits are filed, handling mediations and arbitrations.

The National Board of Trial Advocacy Division of the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification was the first American Bar Association accredited attorney board certifying agency in the world. Founded in 1977, NBTA offers board certification for lawyers in Civil Trial Law and three other practice areas. To qualify for one of these certifications lawyers must haveextensive experience in their specialty and meet rigorous objective quality standards.

Civil trial advocacy may include civil litigation, personal injury litigation, and any other type of litigation that is not criminal in nature, such as property disputes, construction or insurance claims and a wide array of other civil controversies. Usually money damages are at stake in civil litigation.

Trial attorneys must have knowledge, experience, great communications skills and a thorough understanding of group decision making dynamics and persuasion. A good trial lawyer is always thinking several steps ahead. The “what if’s” of the case must be mapped out long before the trial begins. Great trial lawyers are ready for surprises and will be well prepared, down to the last detail.




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