Aged Tires Are a Hidden Driving Hazard

In a jarring ABC News 20/20 segment last May, investigative reporters exposed the little known but serious danger of driving on aged tires. Readers are urged to watch the full presentation in an online video on the ABC News website (link above), but briefly, the lesson of the segment is that the tread on old tires can peel off without warning and therefore motorists need to examine the age of their tires using the technique described in the presentation (all tires come with numbers that disclose their age – you just need to know how to read the numbers). The show indicates that after 6 years, a tire becomes dangerous, and should be replaced. Yet, major retailers such as Sears and Walmart continue to sell tires much older than the recommended expiration date (with representations to ABC News reporters posing as buyers that the tires are perfectly safe).

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