Another New York City Crane Collapse

Sadly, there was recently another crane collapse in New York City. The crane smashed into a 23-story apartment building before falling to the street below killing the crane operator trapped in the cab and another construction worker. A key question investigators will undoubtedly focus on will be how this could have happened after the stringent tightening of regulations following an earlier crane collapse on March 16th that killed seven (we previously reported on the March 16th collapse).

As New York City struggles to deal with the recent crane accidents, this past Friday, authorities announced the arrest of New York City’s chief crane inspector, charging him with taking bribes to allow cranes to pass inspection, and to ensure that one crane company’s employees would pass the required licensing exam. However, officials said the charges were unrelated to last Friday’s or the March 16th accident. See further details on the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog.