Boston Transit Authority Bans Train and Bus Operators From Possessing Cell Phones on the Job After Crash

Interesting development in Boston, where the head of the local transit authority barred operators trains, trolleys and buses from bringing cell phones and personal electronic devices with them into the cab of the train, or on board the trolley or bus. Instead, operators must leave these devices at home, in their car, or in their locker.

The ban was instituted the day after 49 people were injured when a 24-year-old trolley operator crashed into the rear of another trolley while sending a text message to his girlfriend. The Boston accident follows an earlier one in California where last September, 25 people were killed and 135 injured when the engineer of a Los Angeles commuter train collided with a freight train moments after sending a text message.

We've previously blogged about legislation in Oregon, Washington and elsewhere to reduce the risk of injury and accidents caused by texting, and will continue to keep our readers apprised of developments in this emerging area.