The Real Risks of Wisdom Tooth Removal

The recent death of a teenager during a common surgical procedure has prompted a national conversation about the removal of wisdom teeth (third molars).  Deaths like this – hypoxia from oxygen deprivation – are rare, but serious risks are inherent in any surgical procedure. Ten million wisdom teeth are extracted in the U.S. each year.… Learn More »

Lingual Nerve Damage – A Risk Of Tooth Removal

Every year, thousands of people have their wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth, which are the third set of molars, are often removed when a person is in their teenage years up to their late twenties. The teeth often do not break through the gum until people are in their teens or twenties and some wisdom… Learn More »

Chicago Principal Dies of Heart Attack at Dentist Office During Routine Root Canal

It was recently reported that Georgette Watson, a 46-year old woman who worked as a principal at a Chicago middle school, died of a heart attack while under sedation for the performance of a routine root canal at her dentist. A root canal is a procedure to save an inflamed or infected tooth. Dentists remove… Learn More »