Contact Lenses Quietly Recalled Leaves Dozens with Eye Injuries

Blurry vision, torn corneas and corneal abrasions are just a few of the serious health problems linked to continued use of recalled contact lenses. Food and Drug Administration officials are threatening to issue a public warning about recalled contact lenses manufactured by CooperVision Inc. and sold nationwide at retailers including Costco, Wal-Mart and LensCrafters. Avaira Toric… Learn More »

The Dangers of Cheap Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Federal law mandates that all contact lenses, even those for cosmetic purposes such as to change the color of the wearer's eyes, can only be purchased with a valid prescription. However, many teenage girls have been purchasing illegal cosmetic contact lenses to change their eye color at local beauty stores. The results can be disastrous.… Learn More »

Wear UV-Blocking Sunglasses To Protect Your Eyes During the Summer

According to the "Prevent Blindness America" organization, protecting your eyes from UV radiation is just as important as safeguarding your skin. In particular, UV-rays can cause macular degeneration, cataract, pterygium (a growth that begins in the white of the eye and may affect the cornea), cancer of the eyelid, and corneal sunburn. The best protection for your eyes… Learn More »

Ninth Circuit Reverses Dismissal of Lawsuit Against Abbott Labs For Selling Bacteria-Infected Drug That Allegedly Blinded Cataract Patients

In Gutierrez v. Advanced Medical Optics, the Ninth Circuit reversed the dismissal of a lawsuit brought by eight residents of Mexico blinded by eye infections allegedly caused by a bacteria-infected drug (Healon) administered during cataract surgery and manufactured by a company later acquired by Abbott Labs. The California District Court originally dismissed the plaintiff's complaint… Learn More »

Protecting Your Child’s Eyes from Injury During Sports

Bausch + Lomb recently issued a release providing tips for parents on protecting their children's eyes from injury while participating in sports. In a nutshell: Trauma to the eye from getting hit by a tennis ball, baseball or basketball, as well as jabs and pokes from other athletes, can lead to long-term vision problems including… Learn More »

Bottle Rockets Cause Wide Range of Eye Injuries to Children

Recent research reported in the Archives of Ophthalmology, investigated the range of eye injuries caused to children aged 18 or younger by bottle rockets. The study found significant eye injury in the ten patients studied, often leading to permanent loss of vision. Click here for the abstract. Bottle rockets are illegal in Oregon. Bottle rockets… Learn More »

Child Eye Safety Tips for the Holidays

As a followup to our blog post on holiday toy safety, we want to share a link to a blog post on EyeDocNews, a leading eyecare news website, listing eye safety tips for children during the holidays. The eye safety tips, published by Bausch + Lomb's Early Vision Institute, advise parents to remain alert for the… Learn More »

Parents Sue Manufacturer After SlyDog Retractable Leash Injures Eye of 12 Year Old Girl

Reports on eye injury to 12 year old girl from the Slydog retractable leash