Attorney accused of defamation for pointing out insurance doctor’s “misstatements” at trial

When a person is in an accident they expect their insurance company to open a claim and fairly handle the claim. After all, insurance commercials tell us we’re in good hands with Allstate, and Farmers is on our side.  But it’s often a surprise that a person’s own insurance company can choose, hire and pay… Learn More »

GEICO’s $9.6 million-dollar lesson in “bad faith”

In August 2006, James Harvey was behind the wheel of his Hummer, approaching a flashing red light to turn onto a Florida highway. Harvey didn’t stop at that red light. When he pulled onto the highway, his Hummer t-boned a motorcycle. The motorcycle’s driver, John Potts, was killed. Wrongful death lawsuit The at-fault driver, James… Learn More »

Insurance company tricks: a round-up of what you need to know

You pay for an insurance policy. In return, the insurance company is supposed to protect you and your property from loss or damage. That doesn’t always happen. Insurance company tricks and tactics There’s a strategy insurance companies use to try to keep your money: deny your claim, delay payment, and then put up a defense against… Learn More »

Why your car insurance rates are going up

Rate hikes and the “loyalty discount” myth Allstate quietly announced that auto insurance rates are going up, starting in June 2015. The company claims the price hike is due to an increase in car accidents and resulting accident claims. In other words, people paying for a service – insurance – are punished when they actually… Learn More »

Does a car accident claim affect your insurance cost?

A new study says just one accident claim will cost you thousands hired researchers to answer this question. They created a hypothetical 45-year-old employed, married driver with no previous claims and got rates from 6 companies in all 50 states. They found that, on average, making a claim on an insurance policy caused premiums… Learn More »

What to Expect: Stages of a Personal Injury Claim

Every person’s case is different: this is a general overview of D’Amore Law Group’s process. 1. Choose an experienced, reputable law firm. Insurance companies often try to settle injury claims quickly, and for the lowest amount possible (See Delay, Deny and Defend). It is in your best interest to have a free consultation with an… Learn More »

Allstate learns a $22 million-dollar lesson: the story of a bad faith lawsuit

This week, Allstate Insurance settled a bad faith claim for 22 million dollars. The settlement, the largest bad-faith settlement in Pennsylvania history, is important because Allstate may finally be forced to re-think the notorious practices of denying legitimate injury claims. A car crash results in catastrophic injury Patrick Hennessy was a passenger in Ryan Caruso’s… Learn More »

Car insurance companies fined for overcharging customers

Washington drivers were over-charged by more than $1 million for car insurance from 2009-2013. Hartford Accident and Indemnity, Hartford Casualty Insurance, Hartford Insurance Co. of the Midwest, and Trumbull Insurance Co. have been fined by the Washington Insurance Commissioner. All 4 companies were accused of overcharging customers who transferred policies from non-standard insurers. Refunds have… Learn More »

Buying a used car? How to check for flood damage

Car buyers in the Pacific Northwest should be very cautious about vehicles with out-of-state titles right now, warns the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). Hurricane Sandy took a heavy toll on cars and trucks throughout the Northeast. Now those damaged vehicles are entering used-car markets around the U.S. Although flood-damaged vehicles are usually considered a… Learn More »

Auto Insurance & Young Drivers: An Important Lesson

Harmony Miller, MPH New drivers are almost never taught about the importance of auto insurance. Like personal finance, most high schools do not have a curriculum that covers this topic. Except the little that is required to know in order to pass a driver’s test, understanding auto insurance is not given priority when training new… Learn More »