CMS Dismantles Binding Arbitration in Nursing Homes

Choosing to put a loved one into a care facility, whether that be an around-the-clock nursing home or a semi-independent assisted living facility, is a difficult and emotional process. For some it may be a relief that an aging loved one will receive the care that they need. Leaving them in the care of strangers at… Learn More »

Former nurse indicted for abusing 2 more patients

Police are asking any other victims to please come forward – BEAVERTON, Ore. (KOIN) — A former nurse accused of sexually abusing patients was indicted on more charges Monday in connection with 2 newly identified victims. Alex Woolner, 37, was arrested in April and charged with sexually abusing patients and accessing their cell phones. See… Learn More »

Too Close for Comfort: Nursing Home Residents Sometimes Abusive to Each Other

When we think of elder abuse, we usually associate it with family members and nursing home staff. But an increase in resident-to resident aggressive encounters at residential facilities, and abusive or hostile behavior among nursing home residents is a growing problem. According to a recent study by Cornell University-Weill Cornell Medical College, specific types of… Learn More »

Medicare Ratings to Address Chronic Understaffing in Nursing Homes

Many nursing homes are so understaffed that they may be inherently endangering their patients. It’s become such a chronic problem that Medicare is making changes to its five-star rating program for nursing homes. The Obama administration announced plans to expand and strengthen Medicare’s Five Star Quality Rating System (also known as Nursing Home Compare). Staffing… Learn More »

Almost 90% of Elder Abuse Cases Have this in Common

Elder abuse: intentional mistreatment that causes harm, or creates a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable elder. Experts agree that elderly women are abused at a higher rate than men. And the older the person is, the more likely she is to be abused. Dementia also increases the risk of elder abuse. Nearly half… Learn More »

Oregon assisted living part of national investigation into corporate nursing care

One small senior care facility in McMinnville, Oregon has been the scene of repeated sexual abuse and assault, theft,  violence among residents, and severe patient neglect – all in the last five years. The Oregon facility, now known as Emeritus Osprey, has had three separate corporate owners in the last three years. It is currently owned… Learn More »

Oregon elder abuse claims growing

Financial exploitation is the most prevalent form of elder abuse in Oregon. A comprehensive study just released by the Office of Adult Abuse Prevention and Investigation found that most financial exploitation cases involved a family member, or a caregiver. Many of the victims were elderly persons living alone. “Not only is this type of abuse… Learn More »

Corporate elder care that won’t let patients out

This blog post was first published on Understaffed, under-regulated assisted living facilities have been caught using dangerous processes to meet residency goals. See more from FRONTLINE. The facility was dangerously understaffed, and went to great lengths to cover up Mrs. Boice’s serious bed sores for months instead of sending her to a hospital. Her… Learn More »

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: June 15

Millions of elderly people are patients in nursing homes and long-term care facilities – and they deserve to be safe. What is elder abuse? Elder abuse refers to any intentional or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult. Laws vary… Learn More »

Why nursing home residents can’t get a fair trial

The rights of nursing home residents are infringed by binding arbitration clauses.