Walk safely: How to be a good pedestrian

Walking to work. Jogging down a busy street. Even just walking through a parking lot. At one time or another, we are all pedestrians. Unfortunately, it seems like we hear about a pedestrian being hit by a vehicle on an increasingly regular basis. It begs the question: how many of these crashes could have been… Learn More »

What happened to the white monuments to Portland traffic victims

For a couple of days in November,  you may have seen one of these white silhouettes along the Portland roadsides. The silhouettes—about 130 of in the Portland metro area—represented victims of motor vehicle crashes. They were created by Oregon and SW Washington Families for Safe Streets. Families and friends of the crash victims marked the… Learn More »

Have you seen these white silhouettes on Portland streets?

Have you seen one of these white profiles at an intersection, or along the side of the road? Did you know what it was, or understand what it signified? These white silhouettes represent cyclists, pedestrians, passengers and drivers* killed in motor vehicle crashes. Families and friends of the victims marked the locations on Sunday—World Day… Learn More »

“Vision Zero”: there’s a big hole in the plan to eliminate Portland traffic deaths

“Vision Zero” is a traffic safety project that aims for the goal of zero traffic fatalities. It’s been adopted by cities worldwide – and now includes Portland, Oregon. It’s a wide-ranging plan, with heavy emphasis on public education and prioritization of safety. Vision Zero Safety Pledge:  I will behave safely and courteously at all times… Learn More »

Avoiding Pedestrian Accidents as School Begins

Summer is almost over— soon nearly 54 million children across the nation will be back on our roads, walking and biking to school. Motorists need to be extra careful while driving during the times children are traveling to and from school. Drivers should always slow down and obey all traffic laws, especially when traveling in school zones. The… Learn More »

Improving the “Standard” Way of Thinking

The number of cars on the road has increased by leaps and bounds since the invention of roads. The highway engineers now focus on creating wider, faster roads to allow for the increased traffic. However, many engineers have lost sight of what is most important: Safety. As described by engineer Charles Marohn, ”First comes speed;… Learn More »

Changing the “Standard” Way of Thinking

A traffic engineer speaks up for pedestrians, safety For decades, the focus of engineers building roads and highways has drifted towards creating wider, faster roads to allow for constantly increasing traffic. While focusing on more efficient transportation, civil engineering may have lost sight of what is most important: public safety. Engineer Charles Marohn describes the… Learn More »

Police plan to reduce pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians hit by cars are usually struck in the crosswalk, with the signal on their side. This is grim news, as the most-cited advice for walkers is to use the marked crosswalks when crossing the street. Pedestrian deaths are already on the rise, and in Oregon, Portland in particular is having a problem with traffic fatalities… Learn More »

Should drivers who hit pedestrians face tougher penalties?

A new report from the Center for Investigative Reporting finds that most drivers responsible for striking and killing pedestrians are not jailed – or even ticketed. The San Francisco Bay Area, pedestrians comprise 25% of the traffic-related deaths – much higher than the national average. A third of them were hit while crossing the street… Learn More »

Police and pedestrians

In Oregon, every intersection is a crosswalk. Many have no signal. Some are unmarked. And drivers complain that it can be difficult to see pedestrians on corners, and to gauge their intent to cross. The Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) crosswalk warning systems have been very effective at reducing crashes– but these are still relatively… Learn More »