Patients in California Being Treated for Macular Degeneration Blinded by Eye Injections of Avastin

The media is reporting that five patients being treated at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, for wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) have been blinded following eye injections of contaminated Avastin that had been repackaged into smaller doses.  The news comes following reports of serious eye infections suffered by patients in Florida and… Learn More »

Dangerous Ingredients in Dietary Supplements

Increased risk of heart attack or stroke, kidney failure, liver damage, depression and addiction are just a few of the reported problems caused by tainted products sold openly as dietary supplements. Marketing drugs as supplements is illegal, and can pose very serious health risks. There are two big problems inherent in the dietary supplement industry:… Learn More »

The Dangers of Cheap Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Federal law mandates that all contact lenses, even those for cosmetic purposes such as to change the color of the wearer's eyes, can only be purchased with a valid prescription. However, many teenage girls have been purchasing illegal cosmetic contact lenses to change their eye color at local beauty stores. The results can be disastrous.… Learn More »

The Danger of Buying Stolen Blood Glucose Monitoring Products

As the population ages, the incidence of diabetes is on the rise. More diabetics means greater demand for blood glucose monitoring products. It is in this vein that we report on the recent theft of a tractor-trailer shipment of Abbott Laboratories blood glucose monitoring products from a shipping carrier facility in Louisville, Kentucky. Stolen blood… Learn More »

Diabetes Drug Actos May Increase Risk of Cancer

Actos a prescription drug of the class thiazolidinedione that is used to treat type 2 diabetes. This week, the FDA announced that patients taking Actos for more than a year may have an increased risk of bladder cancer. The FDA’s announcement is based on its review of data from a planned five-year interim analysis of… Learn More »

FDA Recommends Reducing Dosage of Popular Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Simvastatin

Simvastatin is a prescription drug used to control elevated cholesterol. Last week, the FDA recommended that doctor not start patients on an 80 mg dose of simvastatin – the highest approved dose of the drug — because of the risk of a condition known as myopathy, characterized by unexplained muscle weakness or pain. The FDA further… Learn More »

Skin Deep: An Online Guide to Safety Ratings for Cosmetics and Other Personal Care Products

Did you know that the government presently has no authority to require companies to test personal care products for safety before they reach the store shelf? That is, personal care items such as cosmetics, shampoos, deodorants, etc. are not subject to FDA premarket approval authority. The Environmental Working Group has sought to remedy the absence… Learn More »

Products Getting Safer as Human Life Becomes More “Valuable”

    You are probably familiar with the adage: you can’t put a price on human life.  It turns out that indeed you can, and that price is actually a significant driving force behind our country’s regulatory system.  Much to the chagrin of some in the business community, life is more valuable than ever.      The New York… Learn More »

Government Says Popular Water Walking Balls Are Unsafe and Should Not Be Permitted At Water Parks

    While "water walking" is a relatively new recreational activity, it’s quickly gaining popularity – a trend that figures to continue as the weather turns warmer.  Water walking balls are large inflatable plastic balls just big enough for a person to climb inside.  The balls resemble a human sized hamster wheel in that they allow people… Learn More »

Consumer Products Safety Commission Launches New Web Database for Reporting Unsafe Products

The new site,, allows people to submit reports of harm from consumer products.  A copy of the report is sent to the product’s manufacturer and the company is given a chance to comment before the report is published online.  All reports will be searchable to anyone who visits the site.  The Consumer Products Safety… Learn More »