Spotting a Foodborne Illness

Earlier this month, health officials warned that shoppers at a Costco store in Lynwood, Washington had become sick after consuming the rotisserie chicken salad. In this blog we’ll dive into some of the details of foodborne illness and considerations for bringing a case after consuming a contaminated product. It seems like every month there is… Learn More »

What Should You Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers?

Practicing good food safety habits is the best way to avoid foodborne illnesses. So with Thanksgiving now a pleasant memory, the question becomes – what to do with all the leftovers? Katherine Zeratsky, a nutritionist with the Mayo Clinic, advises eating refrigerated turkey within four days. Freeze leftovers you want to keep longer. She also… Learn More »

Safety Tips to Protect Against Foodborne Illness at Tailgate Parties

With fall comes football, and with football comes tailgate parties. The United States Department of Agriculture recently published a list of safety guidelines to help participants in tailgate parties avoid foodborne illnesses: Keep hands clean: chefs and guests should wash their hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds before and after handling food. If… Learn More »

At Least One Case of Salmonella Poisoning Reported in Oregon From Tainted Turkey

Last week, Cargill, a leading meat processor, announced that it was recalling 36 million pounds of ground turkey due to salmonella contamination. The outbreak killed at least one person in California and sickened individuals in at least 26 states, including an infant in Oregon who was hospitalized in Multnomah County but recovered. The latest salmonella… Learn More »

Egg Recall Update for Oregon and Washington Consumers

Everyone is familiar with the massive nationwide egg recall by two Iowa companies, Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms, who together have recalled 550 million eggs this month. The recall was prompted by salmonella outbreaks from egg consumption, which have sickened at least 1,300 people.  Today, Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-Connecticut), who leads the House subcommittee… Learn More »

FDA Recalls Foods With Flavor Enhancer Due to Salmonella Risk

The FDA announced earlier this month that it was recalling multiple food products using a flavor enhancer known as hydrolyzed vegetable protein after the facility of one supplier of the enhancer, Basic Food Flavors ("BFF"), was found contaminated with Salmonella. No illnesses have yet been reported. Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP) is used in many processed foods, including… Learn More »

Salami Recalled in Salmonella Outbreak in Oregon and Washington

Salami sold in Costco, Walmart and elsewhere is being recalled in a nationwide salmonella outbreak linked to pepper-coated salami sold by Rhode Island-based Daniele Inc. The first cases related to the outbreak were reported in Oregon in July. So far, 184 people have been sickened nationwide, with eight cases in Oregon and 14 in Washington… Learn More »

Oregon Firm Recalls Hazelnuts Due to Potential Salmonella Contamination

Harry and David, the Oregon-based purveyor of food and fruit gifts, recently announced that it is voluntarily recalling raw, shelled hazelnut kernels sold in their store in Medford, Oregon, due to concerns of potential Salmonella contamination. The hazelnuts were supplied by Evonuk Oregon Hazelnuts. The company's release noted that salmonella is an organism which can cause serious… Learn More »

Oregon and Washington Firms Recall Products With Pistachios Due to Salmonella Scare

Oregon and Washington firms recalling products with pistachios due to salmonella contamination risk

Delphina’s Bakery of Portland, Oregon Recalls Peanut Butter Bars and Hippie Cookies

Delphina’s Bakery recalls cookies and bars due potential salmonella contamination