Lawsuits settled for $600,000 for families of three teens who died after being hypnotized by school principal

Principal George Kenney was not a licensed hypnotherapist. He had been warned against hypnotizing students. But he hypnotized dozens of high school students—three of whom died within days of hypnosis. The strange, sad story of three teens that died after hypnosis Wesley McKinley, 17: He was a talented musician with a dream of attending Julliard.… Learn More »

“We could prevent 4,000 amputations a year”: fighting for table saw safety in Washington, D.C.

Table saws are by far the most dangerous tools commonly used in schools. About 40,000 table saw injuries are treated in U.S. emergency rooms every year—including 4,000 amputations. There is a simple piece of equipment that could prevent virtually 100% of these serious injuries from spinning table saw blades. A simple saw safety feature Nearly… Learn More »

Back-to-school safety

Four quick safety reminders for parents of children heading back to school in the next week: If you haven’t talked to your kids about bullies all summer, it’s time for a refresher. Bullying is a threat to a child’s physical and emotional health and safety.  Help your child learn to identify, prevent and stop bullying… Learn More »

5 Tips for Backpack Safety

If you have a school-age child, chances are good that you have heard them complain about the weight of their textbooks. While this may seem like mere inconvenience, backpacks filled with heavy textbooks could have long-term effects on your child’s shoulders, neck and back. 5 ways to lighten the load on your kids: •    Pick… Learn More »

Chronicling the Dangers of the School Zone

The Los Angeles Times published an article detailing the various dangers and health hazards posed by our nation’s schools, including: Injuries While gym class injuries remain a threat, inactivity may have more long-term health consequences for the population in general.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only 3.8% of elementary schools,… Learn More »

More School Children are Suffering Gym Class Injuries

Discusses trend of increasing incidence of child injury in gym classes