Massive backlog of sexual assault kits shows justice system failing rape victims

A sexual assault is a hugely traumatic experience. Sadly, it’s an experience shared by an estimated 1 in 6 Americans—mostly women. The aftermath of a rape or sexual assault can be nearly as traumatic as the event itself. Completing a sexual assault forensic exam (or “rape kit”) can be very difficult. Victims are instructed to… Learn More »

Dermatologist who sexually molested patients is still practicing in New Jersey

Dr. Gangaram Ragi is a dermatologist in Teaneck, NJ. He’s been accused of sexual molestation by more than a dozen female patients, with charges dating back over a decade. State Medical Board Investigation After receiving patient complaints of excessive inappropriate touching during examinations, the State Medical Board investigated Dr. Ragi. They determined that the accusations… Learn More »

How many people are sexually assaulted in U.S. hospitals? No one knows.

Many more patients reported hospital sexual abuse in the United Kingdom in the last three years. Police data counted 1,600 attacks recorded: a 50% increase, and an alarming number. Do you want to know how that compares to sexual abuses in U.S. hospitals? Too bad—somehow, no one has counted the number of rapes and assaults… Learn More »

Jury gives justice to sex abuse victim – while hospital pretends it never happened

Anesthesiologist Fred Field, MD, sexually assaulted at least 12 women at Mid-Columbia Medical Center. His victims were drugged, unconscious or semi-conscious during the assaults. It is likely Field sexually assaulted many other women—who may not know, or understand, what happened to them. Nationally, it is estimated that more than 60% of women who are sexually… Learn More »

Stop telling sexual assault victims how they should have prevented it

This is CNN reporter Don Lemon, asking a woman who has accused comedian Bill Cosby of sexual assault if she could have avoided performing forced oral sex. Recently, the American Enterprise think tank suggested that women contribute to their own sexual assault by getting “seriously intoxicated.” A Slate writer suggested a similar “solution” to the… Learn More »

How a doctor + a camera = $190 million dollars – Part 2

Part 2 of a 2-part series that originally appeared in the Legal Examiner.  The real cost of a lawsuit Sex abuse cases are very difficult for victims – and for the people helping them. They’re second only to death claims as the most difficult cases for a law firm to take on. Obviously, the main… Learn More »

How a doctor + a camera = $190 million dollars – Part 1

This post originally appeared in the Legal Examiner.  The Background Dr. Nikita Levy had been a gynecologist for Johns Hopkins for 25 years when one of his colleagues noticed something strange about the pen he wore around his neck. It was a camera. Dr. Levy had been secretly filming his patients while he administered pelvic… Learn More »

Sexual abuse in hospitals?

In Oregon, several high-profile cases of sexual abuse in nursing homes, hospitals, and even in ambulances have been reported in the last two years. Is a culture of silence contributing to an increase in sexual assault in health care facilities? Some professions, including medicine, are notorious for a “code of silence”. Patients are often harmed by medical… Learn More »

Rape Victim Sued for Lawyers Fees

Jamie Leigh Jones was one of several women who worked for KBR (and former parent company Halliburton) who report they were raped, sexually assaulted, or harassed by fellow employees while acting as private contractors for the U.S. government in Iraq.  Jones had sought damages against KBR but last month, a jury rejected her claims. The… Learn More »