Protecting Your Child’s Eyes from Injury During Sports

Bausch + Lomb recently issued a release providing tips for parents on protecting their children's eyes from injury while participating in sports. In a nutshell: Trauma to the eye from getting hit by a tennis ball, baseball or basketball, as well as jabs and pokes from other athletes, can lead to long-term vision problems including… Learn More »

With Nation Covered in Snow, Sled Safety No Laughing Matter

As of last week, all but one U.S. state had snow on the ground.  For kids, an unusually snowy winter means an extended and more prolific sledding season.  Sledding usually takes a back seat to skiing and snowboarding when it comes to the winter recreation safety discussion.  However, statistics show sledding carries plenty of risk. … Learn More »

Football Safety Concerns Rise: Studies Link Head Injuries with Traumatic Brain Disorder

While the popularity of football has never been higher in the U.S., major concerns are being raised about the safety of the game from the highest professional level to the youngest youth leagues.  Alan Schwarz of the New York Times has written extensively on the subject.  Among his findings, doctors now say there is a… Learn More »

6 Year Old Boy Dies at Monster Truck Show After Debris Flies Into Spectator Area

Reports on death of six year old boy on monster truck show.