Upsurge in pedestrian accidents linked to texting?

“Ran into a pole … hurt pretty bad. Lesson learned: don’t text while running”   This is a picture of a teenager who tried to send a text while running. He’s fine now, and fortunate that it was only a superficial wound instead of a serious head injury. I am glad that he learned his… Learn More »

How long does it take to check a text?

An online pledge campaign called TXT L8R, set up by Central Oregon’s KTVZ, is asking drivers to commit to putting the phone down. “When you take your eyes off the road for up to five seconds just looking at a text, you may have covered the distance of a football field,” said Central Oregon’s U.S.… Learn More »

National Transportation Safety Board Urges Total Ban on Cellphone Use While Driving

Following a rash of deadly accidents caused by drivers distracted by texting and other cellphone use (like the August 2010 multi-truck and car pileup in Missouri that killed two people that investigators now attribute to texting), the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has urged states to pass laws imposing a total ban on cellphone use… Learn More »

Deadly Truck Accident Highlights Dangers of Texting

Federal investigators announced today that a 19-year-old pickup truck driver involved in a deadly highway accident in Missouri in August 2010 sent or received 11 texts in the 11 minutes immediately before his truck crashed into the back of tractor trailer at 55 mph. The driver sent six texts and received five texts, with the… Learn More »

U.S. Drivers Dangerously Distracted

A new poll confirms what you probably know but don’t want to think about: a large majority of drivers admit to being dangerously distracted while behind the wheel. Conducted by the Harris Poll, the survey includes data from more than 2,800 adults. A full 86% admitted to eating/drinking at some point, and 57% said they… Learn More »

Distracted Drivers in Auto Accidents

The research group Consumer Reports and the U.S. Department of Transportation teamed up recently for a summit on the consequences of distracted driving.  While talking or texting on a cell phone is probably the most common source of distraction for drivers these days, loud music and loud conversations among passengers, children, and even pets can… Learn More »

Utah’s Texting While Driving Law Toughest in the Country

Utah has the toughest penalties in the country for text messaging drivers who cause a fatality in a crash. The new law, where offenders face a maximum of 15 years in prison, went into effect in May of this year. The penalty is equal to that of a drunken driver who causes a fatality and… Learn More »

Group Pushes for Ban on Texting While Driving

On New York Times online we noticed an article about the Governors Highway Safety Association who put out a message yesterday banning text messaging while driving. This push comes after many studies have shown the increased risk of accidents occurring when drivers focus, even for only a moment, on text messaging rather than focusing 100 percent on the road.… Learn More »

Study Analyzing Connection Between Texting and Crashes Leads to Call for National Legislation to Ban Texting While Driving

Discusses recent study demonstrating dangers of texting while driving and national legislation to ban it

Boston Transit Authority Bans Train and Bus Operators From Possessing Cell Phones on the Job After Crash

Reports on Boston ban on train and bus operators from using cellphones on the job