Child Eye Safety Tips for the Holidays

As a followup to our blog post on holiday toy safety, we want to share a link to a blog post on EyeDocNews, a leading eyecare news website, listing eye safety tips for children during the holidays.

The eye safety tips, published by Bausch + Lomb's Early Vision Institute, advise parents to remain alert for the following eye hazards:

  • Holiday decorations that may poke or scratch children's eyes such as ornament hooks. Christmas trees at eye level for young children pose risks from pine needles and branches. Lights and breakable bulbs can also be dangerous.
  • Parents should also protect their children's eyes when playing outside during the winter. Children skiing or snowboarding should always wear goggles to protect their eyes from trauma. Sledding, snowmobiling and even snowball fights also pose risks.
  • Toys with sharp pieces or with projectiles can injure children's eyes.
  • Exercise extra caution with children around fireplaces or other open flames such as candles. Parents should keep a screen in front of the fireplace and supervise children nearby.

Read the full press release from Bausch + Lomb