City Inspector Arrested in Connection With New York City Crane Collapse That Killed 7 and Injured 17

A little over a week ago, on March 15, a giant crane at least 15 stories tall collapsed at a construction site in New York City and destroyed a neighboring townhouse. The collapse killed seven people and injured at least 17 others.

According to New York City’s building department records, on March 4, a caller told city officials that the upper part of the crane appeared to lack the proper number of ties to the building. On March 6, a city inspector allegedly visited the site and determined there was no violation. However, it’s been recently reported that the inspector lied and had never inspected the crane. The inspector was arrested and charged with falsifying business records, which is a felony in New York.

With a building boom still ongoing in New York City, residents have long complained about unsafe construction sites. One resident living near a building site suggested that concerned individuals take videos of the sites and post them on YouTube.

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