Crib Safety Now a Focus of the Consumer Product Safety Commission

The Crib Information Center of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says that more than 5 million cribs, bassinets and play yards have been recalled in the last two years, and that products involved in the recalls have been linked to at least five infant deaths and 16 cases in which babies were trapped by parts of a crib. Particularly problematic have been entrapment hazards associated with drop-side cribs (in which one side of the crib slides down to make it easier for a parent to pick up a baby). Here's a link to a list of recent drop side crib recalls (note: the last page of the document provides a detailed explanation of the risks associated with drop side cribs).

The safety concerns associated with drop side cribs recently led Toys R Us to stop ordering drop side cribs for their stores. As Toys R Us CEO Jerry Storch explained in an interview:

"There are enough concerns raised about drop-side cribs that we're moving forward and we're going to phase them out . . . It seems that the strongest cribs are ones where the four sides attach to each other and have less complicated hardware."

On April 22, 2009, the CPSC held a roundtable on cribs and other sleeping environments for infants to solicit input regarding the adequacy of the current voluntary and mandatory standards. Attendees presented relevant information, ideas, proposals, or concerns about current or future standards as they relate to the infant sleep environment.