Deadly Highway Collision Cause Parents to Sue

Last week, Rob Blanck and Lorie Shaddix of Camas, WA filed a lawsuit against Golden Star Restaurant and Lounge in regards to their daughters’ deaths last year.  Jessica Blanck and Kristyne Shaddix both died when hit by Therese Nickelby, who was driving intoxicated after leaving the restaurant.

Nickelby’s blood alcohol level after the crash was at 0.118. She later plead guilty to vehicular homicide and is serving 4 ½ years in prison.

Blanck and Shaddix are now pursuing $4 million dollars for each daughter in damages from the restaurant, alleging that they had knowingly overserved Nickelby who was “visibly intoxicated” before leaving the restaurant.

You can view more about this story in The Oregonian.

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