Dermatologist who sexually molested patients is still practicing in New Jersey

Dr. Gangaram Ragi is a dermatologist in Teaneck, NJ. He’s been accused of sexual molestation by more than a dozen female patients, with charges dating back over a decade.

State Medical Board Investigation

After receiving patient complaints of excessive inappropriate touching during examinations, the State Medical Board investigated Dr. Ragi.

They determined that the accusations were “strikingly similar” and concluded that Ragi “sexually groped nine female patients.”

In their detailed report, the board said Raji’s acts were:

…among the very worse that can be committed by a physician – sexual groping, manhandling – all in the guise of a medical exam.”

Eventually, the board permanently banned Ragi from treating female patients. They ordered him to complete a course in “boundary violations” and pay over $30,000 in fines and legal costs.

No trial for sexual assault charges

A sexual assault is very serious, particularly for a physician acting in the course of duty. The county prosecutor, acting on the same information as the State Medical Board, filed criminal charges.

Ragi was indicted three times on separate charges related to criminal sexual assault. Apparently, indictments were dropped for unknown reasons. And instead of going to trial, Ragi was diverted to a Pretrial Intervention Program.


This is very unusual, as these programs are for first-time non-violent defendants, not for serious crimes or multiple offenses.

This case has quietly flown under media radar for over a decade. The only reason it has reemerged now:  discovery in a recent corruption trial suggests that the doctor may have had some help in escaping criminal charges and keeping his medical license.

It’s a bizarre, complicated saga– see the full investigation here – but it is clear that someone has been protecting this doctor, instead of protecting his patients.