Dog owner charged with possession of a dangerous dog in dog attack

The Seattle Times reported that on September 9, 2008, a 71 year old woman named Huong Le was attacked by two pit bulls that had come from a man's home two blocks away. She had bite wounds all over her body and had broken a bone in her arm. She was listed in serious condition, but has since returned home from the hospital and is on the path to recovery. Both dogs were fatally shot by the police who had been called to the scene. The owner of the dogs, Travis Cunningham, is now facing a rarely used felony charge of possession of a dangerous dog.

Ian Goodhew, chief of staff for King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, said that possession of a dangerous dog is a rarely used charge because prosecutors have to "show knowledge that the owner knew the dog was dangerous and was negligent." He said that charge alone could bring a sentence of up to a year.

"He is being charged with knowing this dog is dangerous and failing to take appropriate actions to keep this dog from harming someone," Goodhew said.

Containing and muzzling your dog is required by a city of SeaTac ordinance.