Honda Recalls 2012 Civics

50,000 new Civics have been recalled because the vehicle’s driveshaft may come apart. The car’s side shaft could potentially fail due to mistakes in assembly. If that happens, the vehicle can no longer shift in to gear. If the car is in motion, the vehicle may stop suddenly since the engine is no longer connected to the wheels; if the car is in park, it could roll away if the parking brake is not set.

While no crashes or injuries have been reported (yet), the vehicles should be taken to an authorized Honda dealer as soon as possible for repair. The company says it has taken the proper steps to address the problem by notifying 2012 Civic owners, but most recalls have less than a 75% response rate.

This is the second safety recall on this particular vehicle. A small number of 2012 Civics are under recall for a faulty O-ring in the fuel line, which could result in fuel leakage and fire. Owners of 2012 Honda Civics should go to to see if their car needs to be repaired.  Check National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s site,, for all motor vehicle recall information.