Sinus Surgery Injury

Sinus Surgery Injury Attorney in Bend, Oregon

D’Amore Law Group has represented patients who have suffered terrible and permanent results from sinus surgery.

Sinus surgery may be dubbed a “simple, outpatient procedure,” and people suffering from chronic allergies or sinus infections are opting to undergo outpatient sinus surgery in record numbers.  Though is labeled in many advertisements and on Internet sites as “minimally invasive,” this procedure can cause blindness, paralysis, and even pierce the skull bone.

Powerful drill-like medical devices are used in contemporary surgical procedures.  The small burr-tipped knives are powerful, and within seconds, can cut through the sinus cavity, severing nerves causing paralysis – or (as in the case of one client) can cut through skull bone in an instant.

D’Amore Law Group represented a patient who was permanently injured when the medical drill bored through the sinus cavity and into the optic cavity. When the surgeon realized his error, he yanked out the drill, cutting through the nerves and muscles that allow the eye to move up and down and back and forth.

Though in many cases the doctor may admit fault, D’Amore Law Group knows that the insurance company will do whatever they can to protect the doctor’s record rather than compensate victims for their loss. Before you sign anything given to you by an insurance company, call the firm for an evaluation of your case.

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Confidential settlement on behalf of a woman who sustained serious eye damage and was disabled as a result of nerves severed by tiny, high-powered surgical blades used in the surgery.

Confidential settlement on behalf of a man whose eye muscle was erroneously cut during a routine eye surgery, leaving him with eyes permanently crossed and unable to read, drive or work.



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