Class Actions

Class Actions Attorney in Vancouver, Washington

A “class action” is a lawsuit brought on behalf of many people who have experienced the same or similar loss.

Class action lawsuits are a way to help consumers who have been wronged or defrauded, but who do not necessarily have the resources to pursue a claim on their own.

Most “classes” are formed because a big group of people have the same complaint, but it would be too costly and too time-consuming for a court to hear and judge each complaint individually.

Class action suits – or mass torts – can form as a result of consumer fraud, or of human and civil rights violations. They are usually the result of widespread injury from:

  • environmental disasters
  • toxic chemical spills
  • defective auto products
  • defective tires
  • harmful pharmaceuticals
  • medical devices
  • other products that cause harm

The attorneys at D’Amore Law Group have represented consumers in several class action lawsuits and proposed class action cases in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the United States.

For specific information regarding current class actions, contact us. If you believe you should be part of a class action occurring elsewhere in the country, contact the firm for a free consultation.

Consumer Protection Information

Many city, county and state consumer offices can provide access to important information and services.

Oregon Department of Justice – Consumer Protection

Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services

Washington Office of the Attorney General

Index of U.S. State and Local Consumer Agencies

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