Sinus Surgery

Sinus Surgery Injury Attorney in Vancouver, Washington

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D’Amore Law Group has successfully represented patients who have suffered terrible and permanent injury from an increasingly popular type of sinus surgery.

Sinus surgery may be dubbed a “simple, outpatient procedure,” even “routine.” Patients suffering from chronic allergies or sinus infections are opting to undergo outpatient sinus surgery in record numbers. Though sinus surgery is labeled in many advertisements and on Internet sites as “minimally invasive,” this trendy procedure, if negligently performed, can cause serious personal injury.

The sinuses rest physically close to the brain, the eye, and major arteries. If the sinus surgery is not done properly, serious and permanent injury can result, leaving patients blind or with vision that is impaired.

Several of our clients were rendered “wall eyed” as a result of a botched sinus surgery – the tiny, rotating knife cut through the sinus wall and sliced through optical nerves, leaving our client permanently unable to move her eyes back and forth. She could no longer read, knit or play games – such as “catch” – that she used to enjoy with her children. D’Amore Law Group negotiated a significant settlement on her behalf.

Thousands of medical errors occur each year. When injury or death is caused by medical malpractice through negligence or failure to follow the standard of care, you or your loved one should be compensated for all damages suffered. There are many examples of medical malpractice or medical negligence, including: failure to diagnose or misdiagnose, birth trauma injuries, surgical mistakes, nursing home negligence, and wrongly filled prescriptions or prescription error.

Medical malpractice claims are typically complex, expensive and difficult cases. Because of the difficulty of these cases, it is vitally important to thoroughly investigate and speak to an experienced attorney early in the process.

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