Medennium SMARTPlugs For Dry Eye May Pose Eye Infection Risk

Dry eye syndrome occurs when tears aren't able to provide adequate moisture for your eyes for any of a number or reasons. The eyes of individuals with this condition may sting or burn.

One treatment for dry eyes has been the insertion of "plugs" that increase the patient’s own natural tears on the ocular surface. One popular plug, typically inserted below the surface of the eyelid to prevent rubbing on the eye, is the SMARTPlug from Medennium Inc.. The SMARTPlug is an intracanalicular plug that is thermo-sensitive, expanding and hardening into the canaliculus with body heat.

However, some eye doctors have been reporting an increased risk of eye infections from use of the SMARTPlug. A recently published study reinforces the conclusion that the Medennium SMARTPlug may be associated with an increased incidence of canaliculitis (a type of eye infection).

These reports ought to be investigated by the FDA to ensure maximum safety and comfort to dry eye sufferers to whom this treatment is recommended.