Minor accidents can lead to traumatic brain injuries

After learning of the tragic death of actress Natasha Richardson of a traumatic brain injury, it has been brought to our attention the dangers of what neuroscientists and surgeons call the "talk and die" syndrome. What may seem like a minor head injury can unexpectedly turn into a more serious situation than first realized.

"It's very common for someone who's had a fall or been in a car accident to appear perfectly lucid just after the impact but then to suddenly, rapidly deteriorate," stated Dr. Carmelo Graffagnino, director of Duke University Medical Center's Neurosciences Critical Care Unit in an article recently posted on CNN.com.

"A patient can appear so deceivingly normal at first," said Graffagnino," but they actually have a brain bleed and as the pressure builds up, they'll experience classic symptoms of a traumatic brain injury." Because this type of traumatic brain injury can come from even the smallest of falls, it is very important to get checked out by a doctor immediately after a slip and fall, automobile accident or other types of head injuries.