New moms are more tired, more distracted – and in more car accidents

New mothers may be the most distracted drivers on the road, according to the results of a survey by Safe Kids Worldwide and American Baby.

This isn’t hard to imagine. New moms are exhausted, they’re turning around to attend to the baby in the backseat, and 78% admit to using their phones to text or call while driving.

Worse, nearly 10% of the women surveyed had been in a car accident with their new baby in the car. That’s much higher than the average.

The NHTSA and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety offer a few tips to help new parents drive safely:

  • Focus on the road – driving needs your full attention.
  • Put your phone down – your car is not the place to multi-task.
  • No eating or drinking – manual distractions are just as bad as cognitive distractions.
  • No turning around – despite what your instinct tells you. If your baby is crying, pull the vehicle over and manage the situation.

Watch this video from Parents for more safe driving tips for new parents:

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