Oregon House Passes Ignition Lock Bill to Prevent Repeat Drunk Driving

On June 15th, the Oregon House passed HB 3075, which will require first time DUII offenders to install an ignition interlock device as a condition of their diversion agreement. Under current state law, only convicted drunk drivers are required to install the devices.  

The sponsors of the bill see it as an important preventive measure to reduce auto accidents in Oregon by keeping drunk drivers off the road and preventing first time drunk driving offenders from becoming repeat offenders.

In order to guarantee first time offenders abide by the new law, HB 3075 mandates that providers of ignition interlocks report to either the courts or diversion program coordinators when a device is installed, uninstalled or tampered with. It also penalizes anyone caught driving without an ignition interlock while on diversion with a Class A traffic violation.