Patient Risks in Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Everyone knows, or should know, that there is risk inherent in any surgical procedure. It seems that fewer people are aware of the risks in non-surgical cosmetic procedures like Botulinum Toxin (Botox) injections or laser treatments. People who wouldn’t consider a traditional face lift – which can leave patients with permanent scarring and damage, and is prohibitively expensive – turn to less expensive and theoretically safer substitutions like cosmetic injectable fillers.

Although many of these cosmetic procedures designed don’t require cutting, hospital stays, or even doctors’ offices, they still have serious risks and need to be performed by well-trained medical personnel. According to the Physician’s Coalition for Injectable Safety (this is a real organization), the increased popularity of these non-surgical procedures has resulted in “in a rise in illegal injections with dangerous substances by unlicensed or unqualified injectors”.

D'Amore_Law_Group_Example_IPL_Burn_Marks_Cosmetic_Procedure_Danger Problems reported include IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments resulting in “a permanent burning sensation” or permanent scarring. Fillers that are accidentally injected into a blood vessel can make the skin die and turn black. Botox injections in the wrong place can result in a collapsed eyelid.

USA Today has recently published a series of articles and videos on this topic, including this list:

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