Plaintiffs Undeterred Despite Government Report in Toyota Case

    A new government report looking into Toyota’s electronic systems exonerated the company in connection with unintended acceleration issues.  The ten month investigation by federal highway safety officials concluded that driver error was likely to blame for a number of serious auto accidents
    This is seemingly good news for Toyota, who is currently fending off several lawsuits.  The company is using the media blitz surrounding the report to try and better its shaky public standing.  However, many people are not satisfied with the investigation’s conclusion that driver error is the culprit.  They say it contradicts numerous first person accounts of sudden acceleration problems.  Moreover, the government study looked at only one specific area and future investigations may reveal a different defect.  Plaintiff's lawyers are  pushing ahead with the Toyota cases
    Toyota’s problems began to surface in 2009.  The company recalled more than ten million vehicles and paid millions in fines related to floor mats and sticky accelerator pedals.  But some drivers still reported problems after those issues were resolved.   The government’s investigation looked specifically at the vehicle electronic systems, which had come under scrutiny.


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