Police and pedestrians

In Oregon, every intersection is a crosswalk. Many have no signal. Some are unmarked. And drivers complain that it can be difficult to see pedestrians on corners, and to gauge their intent to cross.

The Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) crosswalk warning systems have been very effective at reducing crashes– but these are still relatively scarce.

Police enforcement of the existing laws is necessary to driver’s pedestrian awareness – especially “sting operations”. Officers sitting at crosswalks and pulling over drivers who failed to yield improved safety at those intersections for up to a year after the police sting.

Tomorrow (April 19, 2013), Portland Bureau of Transportation will be conducting pedestrian crosswalk enforcement at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and NE Jarrett Street.

Drivers, consider yourselves warned.

Watch a minute of this video by a Southeast Portland resident who was concerned about the dangerous crossing after a fatal pedestrian accident on his street.