Portland Bus Accident Wrongful Death Claims Filed

Last week, while reading the Oregonian online, I came across a follow up story about the tragic bus accident that left two people dead in downtown Portland this last April. The families of Jeneé Hammel and Danielle Sale have filed a tort claim notice with the intent to file a wrongful death claim against TriMet. A tort claim notice is required for certain claims against publicly owned entities, such as TriMet. Without a proper tort claim notice, no further legal action is allowed.

Since the April 24, 2010 pedestrian versus bus accident, TriMet has reviewed safety procedures and has made modifications to routes eliminating some left turns. Although the bus driver in this particular accident had not been using her cell phone, TriMet has also required that their drivers turn off and stow cell phones while on duty. Previously they were allowed to leave cell phones on, which safety officials determined created a distraction.

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