Potentially Tragic Prescription Mix-Up Exposes Pharmacy Fallibility

    A pregnant woman in Colorado was mistakenly given methotrexate when she went to fill a prescription for antibiotics.  Commonly used to treat cancer, the drug is also used to terminate early term pregnancies.  The woman went home and took one dose of the medication and immediately starting feeling nauseous.  That’s when she looked at the bottle and discovered the mistake. 
    The Safeway pharmacy admitted the wrongdoing and has agreed to pay for any medical expenses associated with the mistake.  They’ve also initiated an internal investigation.  The mix-up stemmed from the pregnant woman sharing the last name and having a similar first name of another customer.  Doctors are closely monitoring the woman’s hormone levels.  They say the single dose of Methotrexate could result in a miscarriage or severe birth defects but are holding out hope that it caused no damage at all. 
    While this story reveals how a seemingly small act of medical negligence can have a devastating outcome, it should also serve as a reminder to be extra vigilant when it comes to filling prescriptions.  These mistakes are actually quite common.

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