Resources for Oregon’s Winter Weather

As severe weather heads in to the Northwest, be safe and be practical about the conditions.

  • Monitor the weather forecast on local TV or radio stations, or see the’s interactive travel map. For up-to-date school closures and other emergency information, try
  • Check the road conditions on Oregon Department of Transportation’s TripCheck for travel conditions in Portland, Salem and throughout the state. See snow plow routes for any address at PublicAlerts.
  • Make sure your vehicle is ready for potentially dangerous road conditions: tires should be properly inflated, fluids topped off, and the trunk stocked with roadside flares, jumper cables, extra blankets and water.
  • Drive carefully: watch for ice (see Driving Tips for Icy Conditions), keep an extended distance from snowplows and trucks – and don’t forget to watch for pedestrians and bike commuters braving the snow and ice.

Where do you go for weather information and safety tips? Let me know on Twitter – @damorelaw .