Seeking Treatment Outside the United States for Spinal Cord Injury

Came across this interesting article discussing how many Americans are pursuing experimental therapies for injuries and medical conditions outside the United States that are not available or not approved in this country. The story that caught my eye was that of Greg Minow, who was paralyzed in a sports accident. Doctors in the United States told Minow he’d never walk again, but he refused to give up. Searching the web, Minow found the International Spinal Cord Regeneration Center in Tijuana, Mexico. He raised $65,000 to undergo spinal cord decompression surgery pursuant to which he was injected with three vials of umbilical cord stem cells (which is not available in the United States). The results speak for themselves — Minow has gained two inches of touch sensation in his abdomen and has deep pressure sensation in his hips and the top of his legs.

Of course, any experimental therapy should be approached with caution and appropriate due diligence.

Undergoing treatment and therapies for spinal cord injuries often entails significant costs. If you’ve suffered a spinal cord injury that has long-term consequences and was caused by the carelessness — or negligence — of another, you may have a claim. The spinal cord injury lawyers at D’Amore & Associates in Washington and Oregon can evaluate your claim and pursue recovery for the costs of your medical care and other damages.