Serious Injuries at Sky High Sports Trampoline Recreation Centers Lead to Concerns and Lawsuit

Sky High Sports operates eight popular recreation centers along the West Coast featuring wall-to-wall trampolines. The company has come under scrutiny recently due to a rash of serious injuries at its facilities. KGW reported on the facility in Tigard, where emergency crews responded to fifteen ambulance calls in the first few months the facility operated, several of which were for serious injuries. In response to the report, Sky High issued a written statement that the company is committed to safety and that the injury rate is still quite low considering the number of customers (read the full statement at the link above). 

Learn about the case of a child injured at Sky High Sports in Oregon.

KIRO in Seattle reports that the at the Sky High center in Bellevule, there have been several incidents involving gruesome broken bones and leading to a lawsuit for negligence. Similar injuries have been reported at Sky High’s other locations.

While patrons are advised of the safety risks and are required to sign a liability waiver before playing at the facility, questions have been raised as to whether minors can truly enter into such a contract, and whether safety standards are too lax.

Update: continuing reports of injuries at Sky High Sports, Sky Zone Sports and other facilities have led to questions about design flaws and other safety problems. See Trampoline Parks Face Critical Safety Issues.


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