Study Recommends Children be Immediately Examined for Spinal Cord Injury After Car Accident

A study led by Dr. Harsh Grewal, a pediatric surgeon at Temple University School of Medicine and Hospital in Philadelphia, and recently published in the Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine, recommends that children involved in a car accident with any sign of external injury such as bruising should be immediately evaluated for vertebral, spinal cord and intra-abdominal injuries.

As Dr. Grewal explained, "unless physicians are diligent, spinal-cord injuries are hard to diagnose in children. In the event of a car accident, seat belt injuries such as bruising and tenderness should warrant a search for other injuries, including spinal-cord injury, vertebral fractures and intra-abdominal injuries. If spinal-cord injury is missed or not diagnosed early, the consequences can be devastating."

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