Why your car insurance rates are going up

Rate hikes and the “loyalty discount” myth Allstate quietly announced that auto insurance rates are going up, starting in June 2015. The company claims the price hike is due to an increase in car accidents and resulting accident claims. In other words, people paying for a service – insurance – are punished when they actually… Learn More »

Does a car accident claim affect your insurance cost?

A new study says just one accident claim will cost you thousands InsuranceQuotes.com hired researchers to answer this question. They created a hypothetical 45-year-old employed, married driver with no previous claims and got rates from 6 companies in all 50 states. They found that, on average, making a claim on an insurance policy caused premiums… Learn More »

“Opting out” of car insurance protections is a bad idea

Doug Oh-Keith, Associate at D’Amore Law Group Often people buy an insurance policy by telling the sales agent or broker, “Please just get me the cheapest policy.” In tight economic times, insurance falls in there with cable television and high-end groceries as low-hanging fruit to be cut out of the budget. However, what most people… Learn More »