Is a driver responsible when a “sudden medical emergency” causes a car crash?

Recently, a driver who reportedly experienced a “sudden medical emergency” jumped the curb and hit 2 people on the sidewalk of the Burnside Bridge in Portland. One of the pedestrians was fatally injured. In May, a Vancouver man died after suffering from a medical emergency and crashing on I-205. In April, a 61-year-old semi-truck driver… Learn More »

Are these guardrails safe? A flawed government investigation into Trinity Industries

Imagine you’re driving along an Oregon highway, headed home after a long day. It’s getting dark outside, and a light rain is falling.   In your rearview mirror, you see the lights of a truck in the next lane swerve … then you feel the sharp impact against the side of your car. The force… Learn More »

Should Oregon Speed Limit be Raised to 75 mph?

Two bills pending in the Oregon House of Representatives would increase the speed limits for passenger vehicles. Current speed limit on state highways: 55 mph Current speed limit on interstate highways: 65 mph Oregon House Bill 3094 proposes to change the speed limit for passenger vehicles on interstates—I-5, I-84, I-82—from 65 miles per hour to… Learn More »

Insurance companies using dangerous aftermarket parts in car repairs

A recent car crash that killed two Oregon teenagers and injured two others ignited a conversation about the dangers of using “aftermarket” parts on cars and trucks. “Aftermarket” parts are any parts added to a vehicle after the original sale, usually for cosmetic reasons— or to replace damaged parts after a car accident. Some aftermarket… Learn More »

Toyota Influenced Government Report on Vehicle Safety

A safety watchdog group has published findings that are critical of the government’s review of reported problems with unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles, saying the report was “heavily influenced by Toyota”