Tips and tools to make your teenager a better, safer driver

The crash rate for drivers 20 years old and younger is double that of the population as a whole, based on Oregon Department of Transportation estimates. As the parent of a teenager, it’s a terrifying thing to hear. Take advantage of the resources available to help you make your kid a safe driver: here are… Learn More »

How states are distracting drivers – with warnings about distracted driving

“Your OMGs and LOLs can wait” “Steering wheel: Not a hands free device” “Get your head out of your apps and drive safely” Most states have installed electronic message signs above highways to warn motorists of bad weather or traffic conditions ahead. Now some states are experimenting with the signs, using them for general safety… Learn More »

It’s worse than we thought: terrifying video study of teen distracted driving crashes

NHTSA estimated that about 15% of teen driver car crashes are caused by driver distraction. AAA researchers pulled in-car event recorders and analyzed almost 1700 teen drivers in the six seconds before a crash. Distraction was a factor in 58% of teen car crashes. That’s a huge difference: four times more teen car crashes could… Learn More »

You can’t focus: neuroscience explains the dangers of distracted driving

Imagine that you’re driving home from work, stopped in traffic. The light turns green, and you inch forward. The light turns red. Your phone pings with a text alert. Do you grab your phone to check your messages? When you’re behind the wheel, you know that your primary goal is to get from point A… Learn More »

Your teenager is a terrible driver

Parental involvement is one of the most important factors in keeping teen drivers safe. But most parents assume that our teenagers are better, safer drivers than they really are. 89% of teens said they reply text message or email within five minutes even if they are driving a car, according to an AT&T survey. Consequently,… Learn More »

Changing the way you drive

Lasting progress on distracted driving—reducing accidents, injuries and death—will only come from educating drivers about the risks. The risks of technology on the nation’s roads were the focus of an annual meeting of the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA).  The role of technology in distracted driving is indisputable: talking on the phone while driving makes… Learn More »

Don’t text and drive – and don’t text a driver.

A court in New Jersey ruled that someone who knowingly distracts a driver by text message could be held at least partially responsible if that text results in a car crash. Case Background A teenager was driving his truck down a rural highway when he received a text from a friend. His truck drifted across… Learn More »

Do you drive with your dog in your lap?

The two best reasons to keep your dog in the backseat   Minimizing Distractions A driver in Beaverton, Oregon is fighting a $160 citation issued by a police officer who spotted her driving with her dog on her lap. There is no specific Oregon law regarding operating a motor vehicle with a pet on your… Learn More »

A big factor in young driver’s crash risk: sleep

Young drivers who do not sleep enough are at significant risk of having a car crash. Australian researchers examined the association between sleep and motor vehicle crashes in 20,000 new drivers between 17 – 24 years old. “Sleeping six hours a night is enough to put young drivers at significant risk of having a car… Learn More »

Most distracted driving deaths don’t involve cell phone use

“Lost in thought” was the main cause of fatal distracted driving accidents, according to a new study. Erie Insurance looked at 2 years of U.S. police reports for more than 65,000 fatal car accidents: 10% named distracted driving as the primary cause of the crash. Out of those 6,500 fatal car crashes attributed to distracted… Learn More »