Texting and Driving: Russian Roulette Behind the Wheel

This powerful short video, shared by our friends at EndDD.org, puts distracted driving in perspective in a mere 30 seconds. Driving should be a singular activity. Every time you turn your attention away from the road, you are taking a chance. Maybe we all need to think of texting while driving like holding a gun… Learn More »

Saving lives and saving money: the real worth of injury and violence prevention

National Public Health Week – April 1-7, 2013 Every year, 180,000 people die from serious injuries and violence. Not only are these events tragic and primarily preventable, they cost more than $400 billion a year in medical bills, lost productivity and other costs. “Motor vehicle crashes, falls, homicides, and other types of injury events kill… Learn More »

Just a few seconds…

“Just a Few Seconds” might change the way you drive. This new documentary short, produced by EndDD.org, brings us face-to-face with the victims of distracted driving: the daughter of a man hit by a distracted driver, and the teenage driver who looked down for “just a few seconds”. Watch the video: This powerful video will… Learn More »

Your car is making you a distracted driver

This week I was speaking to high school students about the dangers of distracted driving, and I was stumped by one of the questions they asked me. How do you keep from being distracted by your car itself? Of course, you have to pay attention to what’s happening on the dashboard in addition to what’s… Learn More »