Share Oregon’s (surprisingly effective) distracted driving videos

One quick text message can take your attention for 4.2 seconds. That’s long enough to drive 100 yards – the full length of a football field – without looking at the road. Using a phone while driving has been against the law in Oregon since 2010. The Oregon DMV reports 9,607 convictions for the violation,… Learn More »

Three minutes that will change the way you drive

Watch this compelling and powerful video: This video, courtesy of The Casey Feldman Foundation, was part of a presentation that Tom D’Amore and Doug Oh-Keith gave as part of, a national campaign to shine a light on the dangers of distracted driving.   See also: How long does it take to check a text? One… Learn More »

U.S. Drivers Dangerously Distracted

A new poll confirms what you probably know but don’t want to think about: a large majority of drivers admit to being dangerously distracted while behind the wheel. Conducted by the Harris Poll, the survey includes data from more than 2,800 adults. A full 86% admitted to eating/drinking at some point, and 57% said they… Learn More »