You can’t focus: neuroscience explains the dangers of distracted driving

Imagine that you’re driving home from work, stopped in traffic. The light turns green, and you inch forward. The light turns red. Your phone pings with a text alert. Do you grab your phone to check your messages? When you’re behind the wheel, you know that your primary goal is to get from point A… Learn More »

Changing the way you drive

Lasting progress on distracted driving—reducing accidents, injuries and death—will only come from educating drivers about the risks. The risks of technology on the nation’s roads were the focus of an annual meeting of the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA).  The role of technology in distracted driving is indisputable: talking on the phone while driving makes… Learn More »

Teen dies typing a text message

Her cap and gown were still in her car: Mariah West was going to graduate from high school the next day. She was responding to a text message while driving, and her car veered off of the road and hit a concrete bridge. She was partially ejected from the vehicle, and her head hit the… Learn More »

Three minutes that will change the way you drive

Watch this compelling and powerful video: This video, courtesy of The Casey Feldman Foundation, was part of a presentation that Tom D’Amore and Doug Oh-Keith gave as part of, a national campaign to shine a light on the dangers of distracted driving.   See also: How long does it take to check a text? One… Learn More »