Traffic Fatalities Up Despite Vision Zero Safety Pledge

Portland traffic fatalities are up for 2016, marking an increase of almost 33% compared to this time last year. The increase occurred despite Portland City Council’s pledge of “Vision Zero”, a plan to reduce and eliminate traffic deaths nation-wide. Mayor Charlie Hales and Transportation Commissioner Steve Novick issued statements in response to the increase, noting… Learn More »

Oregon’s Traffic Deaths – Biggest Increase in 50 Years, Up 27 Percent

“Americans take their safety on the roadways for granted”, says Deborah Hersman, president and CEO of the National Safety Council. And after the statistics released on traffic accidents for 2015, we’d have to agree. The Council estimates that 38,300 people were killed on U.S roads, with an additional 4.4 million seriously injured. Making 2015 the deadliest… Learn More »

Generation Commute

The AARP Public Policy Institute recently released a comprehensive study of the baby boomers’ travel and commuting patterns over last 40 years. The conclusions: they buy more automobiles, drive their cars more often—and commute longer distances to work than any other generation. However, 8,000 of the generation’s elders are reaching retirement age every day. How… Learn More »